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" It was so fun to have you both here. I'm excited to see the participants as they come back for other events this week. Great work! We'll have to do this again!"

- Rachelle McPhillips, Adult and Young Adult Librarian - Columbus Public Library

"Thank you so much Amber for joining us and I know many folks were raving about your artwork! We will definitely have you back!"

- Sheryl Hess, Moonstone Lavender Gardens

"Amber's designs are a source of inspiration for me with my own graphic art. I find her designs intricate and playful. She takes a lot of pride in her work. She not only practices it, but studies it, daily. Amber is a very kind and giving person. She cares for her clients and truly wants them to be happy with their henna. 

Amber is a responsible, punctual person. If she agrees to it she completes it. She has a desire for her work to be enjoyed and treasured. With that in mind she's very receptive to client comments. Good and bad. She understands that the good is always nice to hear, but the bad helps you grow.

Henna is Amber's passion...and it shows!"

- Traci Cameron, Midnight Euphoria

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